Ghosting the Machine

Does this world strike you as a sane place?  Then maybe this show won't resonate with you.  The idea of Ghosting the Machine is to help people untangle their minds from the bullshit we've all been trellaced with from birth in this society.  The title is a sort of triple-entendre, reflecting the trinity of the show's core themes: Taoism, consciousness, and freedom.  Although we will spend a good amount of time with topics of deep esoterica, we will not overlook the mechanisms of control that seek to infiltrate and dominate our lives on a practical level.  We live in a time where there is a desperate need for people to wake up from a delluded, virtual sense of what reality is and remember what it means to be human again.   This will require building up a vocabulary and a framework of concepts, which like streetlamps, may guide us back to truth and sanity.  Join the journey with Ghosting the Machine.  Episode one will be coming soon.