Death Has Five Faces

Horrible as it is to lead off with something unfinished, here's an album that I started recording more than six years ago.  The project got stopped dead in its tracks a couple of months in due to a computer theft.  I lost much that was not backed up and not replaceable in the theft, but most relevantly, the source recordings were gone, and my home recording studio was rendered incomplete and inoperable.  I have always intended to go back and rerecord what was done and finish the album, but I've never fully reestablished my home studio--that will have to be one of my first goals with regard to getting the website going.  What I was left with were the penultimate mix-downs which I'd made and loaded onto my mp3 player for review as part of my creative process.  I have included the three tracks (of five total) which were relatively complete.  Although vocals and drums were never recorded for this album, I am sharing more for the lyrics than the music itself.  This was a concept album which I was building around a poem (of the same name, obviously) which I had written about a year previous.  Find it here.

** I've been having playback issues on this page which I have not resolved yet.  Here are some links in case you're experiencing similar difficulty.  Even wih these links, I have noticed that the tracks often get cut off in playback.  I'd recommend just downloading them.  To download, right-click and select 'Download Linked File' or 'Save Target As ...' (depending on your OS).  By the way, these songs were mixed to flow seamlessly together, which is one reason it's disappointing that the embedded player doesn't seem to be working properly.  I have now added a soundcloud link for all three tracks at right.


The Madonna

The Wood Nymph

The Dyke

Here's another tidbit.  This is a song I composed and recorded in 2012, while living and going to grad school in Bloomington, Indiana--a place I have missed ever since I left.  It's a slightly rough single-take guitar track, which I made more as a means of not forgetting the song and sharing it with a few close friends at the time, calling it merely 'the new song.'  I always had an intention of coming back and making a studio-quality recording of it, but only a year or so later, I lost my ability to do so.  Anyway, it's not a bad take, and I have always felt like it captured some part of the vibe of that amazing little town.  Enjoy.